The trails listed here are of varying quality and difficulty. The rating system is subjectively based upon scenery, flora, and fauna compared to trail quality. Please read the descriptions to get a better idea. Have fun!

Easy: Not physically demanding or a challenge to navigate.
Medium: Either physically demanding or a challenge to navigate.
Hard: Both physically demanding and a challenge to navigate.

Bel Ombre TrailBlack River GorgesBel Ombre to Plaine ChampagneMedium4.7mi one way
Cascade 500 PiedsBlack River GorgesWaterfallEasy1.8mi round trip
Corps de GardeWestPeak - 2428ftMedium2.8mi round trip
Lion MountainBambous RangePeak - 1608ftMedium3.0mi round trip
Le PouceMoka RangePeak - 2664ftEasy1.4mi one way
Roche Noire Lava TubesEastLava tubes/cavesMediumVaries
Tourelle du TamarinSouthwestPeak - 1847ftMedium2.2mi round trip
Grand Riviere Sud EstSoutheastWaterfallEasy.8mi round trip
Ile D'ambreNortheastTrails/beachEasy3.0mi of trails
Ilot ForneauSouthLow tide walk to island.Medium1.6mi round trip
Le Morne BrabantSouthwestPeak - 1824ftMedium4mi round trip
Machabee TrailBlack River GorgesPetrin to Riviere Noire.Medium5.5mi one way
Pieter BothMoka RangePeak - 2690ftHard2.0mi round trip
Piton de la Petite Riviere NoireBlack River GorgesPeak - 2717ftMedium4mi round trip
South Coast TrailSouthLe Souffler to La CambuseMedium5.0mi one way
Bras D'eau LoopBras D'eauThrough forest to beach.Easy3.3mi round trip
Colophanes TrailBlack River GorgesDiverges from Machabee Trail.Easy1.7mi one way
Gollum TrailBlack River GorgesPlaine Champagne to Riviere Noire.Hard4.5mi one way
Le Chat y La SourisBambous RangePeak - 1568ftMedium3.6mi round trip
Mare Aux JoncsBlack River GorgesWaterfallMedium5mi round trip
Montagne BambousBambous RangePeak - 2070ftDifficult5.4mi one way
Parakeet TrailBlack River GorgesRiviere Noire to Plaine Champagne.Medium4.1mi one way
Piton du CanotSouthwestPeak - 1725ftEasy1.6mi round trip
Trois Mamelles Center PeakSouthwestPeak - 2231ftHard2.6mi round trip
La FenetreMoka RangePeak - 1246ftHard3.8mi round trip
Machabee Forest LoopBlack River GorgesForest to waterfall.Medium
Mare Longue LoopBlack River GorgesLoop around Mare Longue Reservoir.Medium8mi round trip
Monvert Nature WalkCenterNature TrailsEasy2mi round trip
Piton SavanneBlack River GorgesPeak - 2310ftMedium3.8mi round trip
Deux Mamelles EastMoka RangePeak - 2093ftEasy1.4mi round trip
Montagne CalabassesMoka RangePeak - 2069ftEasy1.2mi round trip
Pilgrim TrailBlack River GorgesDiverges from Machabee Trail.Easy.7mi one way
Signal MountainMoka RangePeak - 1060ftEasy3mi round trip
Snail RockMoka RangePeak - 1837ftHard4mi one way
Spear Grass PeakMoka RangePeak - 1131ftEasy4mi round trip
Montagne CocotteBlack River GorgesPeak - 2529ftEasy2.2mi round trip
Paille en Queue TrailBlack River GorgesAlong Plaine Champagne.Easy2.3mi one way
Sophie Nature WalkCenterNature TrailsEasy1.3mi round trip
Trochetia TrailBlack River GorgesAlong Plaine ChampagneEasy1.1mi one way
Deux Mamelles WestMoka RangePeak - 2088ftMedium1.0mi round trip
Guiby PeakMoka RangePeak - 2198ftMedium2.0mi round trip
Powder Mills TrailsWestNature TrailsEasy1mi round trip

12 thoughts on “Hiking

  1. Danilo Sanassee

    Dear Alex,

    Thank for all those useful informations. I’m impressed by the data you collected and the way you share it with people.
    I recently taste the spirit of going into the wilderness of Mauritius and would like to make it a habit and explore our island.

    please let me know if its feasible to camp on le pouce mountain or any mountain in Mauritius.?

    i would be grateful if you could help me on this.


    Danilo sanassee

    1. agjahp Post author


      Lion Mountain has quite a bit of room on top and would be great camping. You could find a nice place to camp on Corps de Garde for sure. I know quite a few people that have camped on the top of of Piton de la Riviere Noire – it is small though. There would be good camping on the shoulder of Le Pouce, but I probably wouldn’t do the summit.

      Let me know if you have any more questions. Travel on!


  2. Oliver


    great site with a lot of useful information! Thanks for the work you’ve put into this.

    We will visit Mauritius in September and try a few of the easier tours. I will report how it went 😉


  3. Mario


    awesome page, thanks for sharing.
    Don’t see the caves at Medine here and the feeder canal trail at La Nicoliere/Mare D’Australia. Will see if I can get those together to share them on here. Probably I have to run them again. 🙂


    1. agjahp Post author

      Depending on the area yes, a lot of the hiking areas on this website are heavily trafficked – like Black River Gorges. I might advise avoiding doing some of the remote ones or ones that require trespassing. Mauritius is still quite in the past with regard to women’s liberation and sexual harrassment, but this seems to be more a problem in the cities as far as my girlfriend’s experience has gone.

  4. Matt


    I’m keen on hiking/trail running from Tamarin Mountain – Piton de la riviere noire – crossing the B103 – Piton du Canot – La Porte Mountain – Piton du Fouge and ending in Le Morne Brabant.
    Are these trails easy to access or do I need permits/permissions? Any advice would be welcomed!


    1. agjahp Post author


      I would say that the trails are relatively easy to access, but I am not sure about how to connect them all. I am sure that at least Tamarin Mountain and Le Morne both require you to cross private land and the owners will not give you permission if you ask, so you should just do the run. My time living there taught me not to ask questions for which I didn’t want an answer. Just plead ignorance. Let me know if you have any other questions!

      Best of luck!


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